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9 reasons why Paris is really the greatest city in the world (in pictures)




1) because the French really do go for picnics in the park which almost always implies also a bottle of

What I’ve learned from Austria


Today is Austria’s national day and I wanted to write something about the special nice things and the

Reconnect with friends for a different kind of break

More than a year ago I found myself in a pleasant situation of changing places. Although it was kind of a surprise move,

New York Tale

New York 11:30 AM, the Amtrak train from Boston pulls in. The conductor helps me (and all the other passengers that

6 Recommendations from Irresistible Airport Bookshelves

Today Sabinaa friend of Lotus Pocus Focusis sharing her latest reading choices:  

Spring in California Photo Journal (part 2- L.A. Venice Beach)




Freak show





Sunset at Venice Beach L.A.

Edge of the world – Ireland

written by Silviu


A two and a half hour drive and 280 km separates Dublin, the capital of Ireland from the edge