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The psychology of narcissism


While 60 years ago our grandparents were quietly cultivating vegetables in their gardens and went to the Sunday gathering to meet the

Work your mind the same way you work out your body



“When we believe what we think, we suffer” says Byron Katie, creator of “The Work” and author of

Finding the strength to make changes in our lives


written by Stefan Grigoriu

Sometimes making  the necessary changes  in our lives seems to be almost impossible.

The Impostor Syndrome. Do you have it?


I was watching Lupita Nyong’o‘s interview on Youtube one day and she mentioned that when she received the role of Patsey

The ugly face of beauty


Ever since I was a little girl I was taught beauty is utterly important. My mother, my sister, my friends, fairy tales

Self-centeredness is not self-love. And self-love is not egoism.



Self-development is a beautiful journey. However, there are times when we get stuck on the way, due to certain happenings or

5 wounds that hinder us from enjoying ourselves



When we step  into the 30s, we secretly hope that we have forever walked out of the world of mistakes, love