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Movie recommendation: Whiplash


A student in the first year at an elite music school wants to become a famous jazz drummer, convinced he has the

Inspiration for a healthy life: Origins 2014


Origins is a movie that reminds us of our roots, the way our ancestors lived and takes into discussion the way we

Movie recommendation: The tree of Life


This is a deep, intense movie that can make you blossom inside with joy and at the same time reopen old forgotten sores.

Movie recommendation: The wall


The plot:

A woman goes to the mountains for a vacation. Little does she know that she will stay there for much

Gravity: what doesn’t kill us makes us reborn


It’s been a while since I was so moved by a movie. No, it wasn’t because of the 3D effects though they

Some courage you learn at the movies

The Story

I saw a movie this weekend. It was one of those movies that makes you want to change something in your