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Depression: the battle inside

  While a few centuries ago people were suffering of cholera and other pestilences, nowadays millions of people struggle with depression. People like

The truth inside


Nowdays we talk so much and feel so little. We have become so estranged from our hearts that we look for happines

The digital era: the intoxicated mind & the closed heart


One of the things that amaze me everyday, as I go to the office with the metro, is the large number of

Why it’s important to have a spiritual practice.

written by Criss cel Verde 

In the search for peace, happiness, love and fulfillment many of us are following a

How the moment became important


I have discovered and been practicing meditation for three years now. Thanks to the proliferation of information and following the right people

The Sweet Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)



 What is Loving Kindness? 

What is love? Love is just being. Love is patience, warmth, freedom, sweet strength. Take this and

Growing relationship: The noble silence

Relationships are hard and beautiful at the same time. We all long for