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What keeps people together in long-term relationships?


Making love, eating, speaking to the same person again and again and again, what is the substance that can glue two very

Forgiveness, the path to unconditional love

What is forgiveness

Unless we’ve trained ourselves to willingly forgive, we may not truly have experienced what forgiveness is. Because forgiveness is

Friendship: a less famous love story


Although it is highly shad­owed by its sister, roman­tic rela­tion­ship, friend­ship is still a ship of love and con­nec­tion. There are peo­ple

When we criticize the people we love, we lose part of them


Is it just me or everybody has criticized at least once a dear person?

Why do we do it? And why are

Why are we so afraid to fail?


Failing, that shameful thing we wish didn’t exist. Who wants to be weak or to make a fool of himself in front

Sexual fantasies can improve your sex life :D


Let’s talk about sex!


According to scientific studies sex keeps you healthier, younger and smarter and I’d add also

Why aren’t you in a relationship yet?

The answer is probably not the one that you are expecting to hear. If you clicked on the title for some