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Cakes made with love: Oana Manea and the Cozottone project



There are people who radiate joy and love through everything  they do. Such a person is Oana Manea, a girl studying

Spring detox: the OSHAWA diet


It’s springtime and it’s a great moment to have an annual detox. I’ve learned this technique in a meditation center, kept it 2

The Impostor Syndrome. Do you have it?


I was watching Lupita Nyong’o‘s interview on Youtube one day and she mentioned that when she received the role of Patsey

Change your mind about stress

Xu Fangfang

We all feel the effect of these hectic times we live in:

Summer recipe: Broccoli and blue cheese salad

 (foto: picsel)

The broccoli in our garden is ripe and ready, so I thought I would give

Study reveals generalised, not focused goals, can lead to depression

A recent study made at The University of Liverpool, led by Dr Joanne Dickson, showed that people who suffer from depression tend

Wake-me-up energy smoothie

Are you feeling energy drained, having trouble getting up in the morning or just lacking in vitality?

Try starting your day with a