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A few tips for sustainable shopping

Winter is coming – as all Game of Thrones fans know- and I find myself choosing the easy way out of grocery shopping. So

A new way of seeing things: The microalgae lamp

Since I have been praising this great century we live in, full of great discoveries and accelerated technological progress I wanted

Green your beauty routine: Just add water


I have really sensitive skin, prone to dryness. And judging by the abundance of sensitive skin type products on the market I

The Natural Habit: Aloe vera and cucumber mist

Among my explorations through the wonderful world of homemade cosmetics, this aloe vera and cucumber mist from Free People was

Baking soda, beauty uses

A few years ago when I got myself into the eco-friendly frenzy and realized how much I could improve my routines

Green Travel: travelers against plastic

If you take a 2 week trip and drink 3 bottles of watter a day, that makes an average 42 bottles of watter.

The Green Web

The web can help you become greener and healthier and we discover useful links everyday. We love finding projects that get you motivated,