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I live in magic

I believe in fairytales. I dream. I imagine.

Don’t be fooled by

On Friendship

I am only what you see in me. I might rebell and pretend that I have value on my

You don’t have the life you wanted? You might be avoiding, postponing or fearing actual living.




Welcome to the civilized world

It is a blessing that we are living in a world that is constantly and

Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer. Which one are you? (part 3- The Rescuer Role)



Relationships, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

We are all aware when something is not functioning right

Garlic. The miraculous plant.

Endowed with miraculous powers, this little plant did over the time amazing wonders no matter of the form has been used, from infusion

10 tricks to avoid food waste

Food waste together with world hunger is still one of our biggest problems. Even if we

Romanian spirit. A ‘poem’ about the passion for life.

The lands

Small but not as small as its neighbouring countries, wild but not too wild to be European, in awe to