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Feel good in your body: Zumba dance

Do you want to practice a sport but feel like the actual physical effort common sports require is pretty colossal? Then you might

Fresh ways to refresh your summer

We all love summer. It’s that time of year when you want to spend your time outside. The sun

BodyART. Balance for the body, mind and spirit.


Simona Nistea is a bod­yart trainer qual­i­fied in all forms of Bod­yart held so far: basic, dynamic, stretch,

Yogify: a Yoga App for a casual practice


If you want to practice yoga but have a busy schedule or just don’t feel like going to a class, the new

Bamboo Bikes: Ride Consciously

Today’s hottest and greenest transportation tool: the bamboo bike born in Vancouver. It has lots of benefits for you: it’s easy to ride,

Bikram (Hot) Yoga: Heat for the body, soul and mind.

I like heat! A lot!

If you identify with this statement then keep on reading. If not then go