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Christmas Market Fever

December starts today and the Christmas Market season has already started. One of the nicest things that winter has to offer is the

9 reasons why Paris is really the greatest city in the world (in pictures)




1) because the French really do go for picnics in the park which almost always implies also a bottle of

What I’ve learned from Austria


Today is Austria’s national day and I wanted to write something about the special nice things and the

New York Tale

New York 11:30 AM, the Amtrak train from Boston pulls in. The conductor helps me (and all the other passengers that

6 Recommendations from Irresistible Airport Bookshelves

Today Sabinaa friend of Lotus Pocus Focusis sharing her latest reading choices:  

Romanian spirit. A ‘poem’ about the passion for life.

The lands

Small but not as small as its neighbouring countries, wild but not too wild to be European, in awe to

Spring in California Photo Journal (part 2- L.A. Venice Beach)




Freak show





Sunset at Venice Beach L.A.