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Refreshing joy for hot summer days


The next time you are asked about your favourite food, name this: homemade ice cream. And now, you’ll have to learn how

Wake-me-up energy smoothie

Are you feeling energy drained, having trouble getting up in the morning or just lacking in vitality?

Try starting your day with a

Why are you a vegetarian?


In the last years of my life I had been frequently asked to answer to this question. I had a lot to

Peanut Butter, vegetarians’ Best Friend Forever

You may say it’s too fat or heavy, but the truth is peanut butter is a dynamite healthy food. It restores the body

10 tricks to avoid food waste

Food waste together with world hunger is still one of our biggest problems. Even if we

Berry-Eggnog Easter Cake

Spring is on its way, although it is surely taking its time… Easter is nevertheless already here for some (catholics and protestants) or

Healing through cooking: Potato and Leek tart

For the last days of vegetarian winter, quiche derived tarts and lots of salad is my way to go. It keeps