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Cakes made with love: Oana Manea and the Cozottone project



There are people who radiate joy and love through everything  they do. Such a person is Oana Manea, a girl studying

Chocolate oat flake cookie

I love it when I feel like spending some time cooking, don’t know exactly what I have or want and I end up

Share with your friends: Spicy eggplants with couscous

My friends have asked me over several times to cook for them. And last week, when we were 12 people, I fumbled on

Last days of summer with broccoli soup

The evenings are becoming chillier, summer is slowly fading away, but I try to enjoy the benefits of this late summer. This is

Summer recipe: Broccoli and blue cheese salad

 (foto: picsel)

The broccoli in our garden is ripe and ready, so I thought I would give

Refreshing sangria for summer parties

Summer is fun especially when you throw a little party every now and then. Just to celebrate the sun, the warm

Fresh ways to refresh your summer

We all love summer. It’s that time of year when you want to spend your time outside. The sun