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Some like it organic: pure oils for the face, body and soul


Cristi, a 30+ Romanian, was once an engineer but he left his corporate job in 2012 in order to get

Inspiration for your soul: Oprah


“Every single thing that happens in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.”Oprah

Cakes made with love: Oana Manea and the Cozottone project



There are people who radiate joy and love through everything  they do. Such a person is Oana Manea, a girl studying

Christmas Market Fever

December starts today and the Christmas Market season has already started. One of the nicest things that winter has to offer is the

9 reasons why Paris is really the greatest city in the world (in pictures)




1) because the French really do go for picnics in the park which almost always implies also a bottle of

What I’ve learned from Austria


Today is Austria’s national day and I wanted to write something about the special nice things and the

Chocolate oat flake cookie

I love it when I feel like spending some time cooking, don’t know exactly what I have or want and I end up