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Discover gratefulness with Brother David Steindl Rast


We often hear about gratefulness and how we can enjoy life more by just being grateful. But not many of us know

The truth inside


Nowdays we talk so much and feel so little. We have become so estranged from our hearts that we look for happines

The digital era: the intoxicated mind & the closed heart


One of the things that amaze me everyday, as I go to the office with the metro, is the large number of

The most powerful feeling in the world…

“Fear is the static that prevents me from hearing myself” Samuel Butler


Work your mind the same way you work out your body



“When we believe what we think, we suffer” says Byron Katie, creator of “The Work” and author of

Spring detox: the OSHAWA diet


It’s springtime and it’s a great moment to have an annual detox. I’ve learned this technique in a meditation center, kept it 2

Finding the strength to make changes in our lives


written by Stefan Grigoriu

Sometimes making  the necessary changes  in our lives seems to be almost impossible.