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Granny’s secret spring Detox


Have you ever heard about the nettle detox program?  Our grandparents used to do this every spring in order to detox and

Healing through cooking: Potato and Leek tart

For the last days of vegetarian winter, quiche derived tarts and lots of salad is my way to go. It keeps

Pole Dance Training. What you wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask…

What type of women would take such a course?

I was first surprised by it when I saw that some of my quiet,

How the Internet affects our brains

Nicholas Carr’s book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” will soon be a must read, considering the perpetually increasing time we

Sleep more, sleeping beauty

In our fast paced society sleep has been cataloged as a luxury almost, many people adopting a regular six hour sleep per night