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10 tricks to avoid food waste

Food waste together with world hunger is still one of our biggest problems. Even if we

Earth Day: can I really make a difference?


Royce Bair via Compfight

Sweet Honey Healing

There are lots and lots of things that Mother Nature has generously given us to use for our well-being. Among these gifts, one

Humor can make us better humans


Laughter is as old as the human race.  And it might have been the trick that enabled evolution. Today, it can also

Let your hands do the healing

Or why using your hands can improve your psychological state

Protect your natural coat,skin

Pink, coffee or ivory-white, the skin dresses up the body in a precious natural robing. And, the more we acknowledge it is our

5 easy tricks to transform from ‘Miss Couch Potato’ into ‘Miss Sporty’




If you were never into sports and would like to get started but it just seems too difficult