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Try it out: Refreshing cucumber toner

I’m still searching for the best natural toner and I do like to try greens in season. So my latest discovery is a

Refreshing joy for hot summer days


The next time you are asked about your favourite food, name this: homemade ice cream. And now, you’ll have to learn how

At only 17, this girl invented a Breast Cancer Diagnose Application

At the age of 13 Brittany Wenger started studying code and at 17 she invented a method that can detect cancer “more accurately

Wake-me-up energy smoothie

Are you feeling energy drained, having trouble getting up in the morning or just lacking in vitality?

Try starting your day with a

6 Sun Hats for this summer’s protection

Summer is here and we haven’t had the time to think about it. And if you think you’ll just sneak like you did

Just yoga for immunity

stephanie carter via Compfight

A tool for harmony. Biomusic.

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