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Change your mind about stress

Xu Fangfang

We all feel the effect of these hectic times we live in:

The Power of Smiling – 2nd Part

Did you read last week’s article about the great power of smiling? If not, read about it here. This week I’m going to explore

The Power of Smiling – Part 1

Smiling can bring a positive state of mind, peace, success, love and even happiness. Ron Gutman, CEO and founder of HealthTap , studied

Change insomnia for a restful baby sleep

Sleeping in red Heat

There are people who have a hard time getting a

Summer recipe: Broccoli and blue cheese salad

 (foto: picsel)

The broccoli in our garden is ripe and ready, so I thought I would give

How a rhinoplasty can cause a psychologic disorder like anxiety

Sometimes we wished we were thinner, have blue eyes, or a smaller nose. At least once we saw somebody walking down the street,

The power of dancing

What if jiggling your body on music could change your emotional state? Did you ever