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Happy Snake Year!


Let’s have a celebration

Today is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year’s celebration day. This day is also

Search for The Real Beauty: Lizzie Velasquez


How many of us have been through severe weight loss diets or have insulted our own beauty by considering improving ourselves through

Search for the Real Beauty: Cameron Russel


We have been raised to believe beauty means power and a great life: the perfect job, money and the man of our

Growing up with friends

Have you ever thought about the priceless gift of a friend? The revelation and the awe that strikes you as you receive God’s

Bamboo Bikes: Ride Consciously

Today’s hottest and greenest transportation tool: the bamboo bike born in Vancouver. It has lots of benefits for you: it’s easy to ride,

The burden of being perfect

It really looks like you have your whole life figured out. You finished university, got a good job, have a perfect boyfriend or husband