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A few tips for sustainable shopping

Winter is coming – as all Game of Thrones fans know- and I find myself choosing the easy way out of grocery shopping. So

Confessions of a workaholic



Hi I am Odeta and I was (almost) a workaholic. I cured myself from it at the last moment. How I escaped

Reconnect with friends for a different kind of break

More than a year ago I found myself in a pleasant situation of changing places. Although it was kind of a surprise move,

Some courage you learn at the movies

The Story

I saw a movie this weekend. It was one of those movies that makes you want to change something in your

The oversensitive hypocrite. Or a plea on ‘why should I care?’

I live in the most boringly serene city in the world. I go to work by bike and my biggest

Search for real beauty: clumsy Hilda

The internet has rediscovered funny Hilda, a different pin-up girl that was almost lost to time.

Most pin-up girls from the golden era

Summer recipe: Broccoli and blue cheese salad

 (foto: picsel)

The broccoli in our garden is ripe and ready, so I thought I would give