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5 books for harmony

Here are 5 inspirational and practical books for this spring’s reading. Maybe you know them, maybe you’ll find something new. Enjoy!


Do the Doga: Yoga with your pet

Collin Key via Compfight

There’s news for all those yoga enthusiasts who also

Made with integrity, Gucci

Big news in the eco fashion world these days. Gucci, one of the leaders in luxury products and involuntary

We are aliens living on Earth

Written by Silviu

Luis Argerich via

How the Internet affects our brains

Nicholas Carr’s book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” will soon be a must read, considering the perpetually increasing time we

Happy Snake Year!


Let’s have a celebration

Today is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year’s celebration day. This day is also

Bamboo Bikes: Ride Consciously

Today’s hottest and greenest transportation tool: the bamboo bike born in Vancouver. It has lots of benefits for you: it’s easy to ride,