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Movie recommendation: The wall


The plot:

A woman goes to the mountains for a vacation. Little does she know that she will stay there for much

Advertising and the distorted image of woman



“Women are told that it’s sexy to be like a little girl.” Jean Kilbourne

Being a woman in the

A look in the backstage of celebrity: adjusted, edited beauty.



My generation grew up with MTV. There was no Internet, Facebook or Youtube.  It was ‘The Spice Girls Era’ and we

The reasons why you have already quit your resolutions for this year.



On my first day at work after the holiday vacation,  I walked into the office kitchen at lunch to discover  my

Building security through insecurities: The what I be project



Do you remember the last time you felt insecure? What was it like? What did you feel? Did you try to

Why we are addicted to stories and how this shapes our personalities.



In our ever more productive and streamlined society, watching TV, playing an online game or even dozing

Best of Lotus Pocus Focus 2013


2013 has been an amazing year. We’ve launched Lotus Pocus Focus in February hoping to share with you all our great findings,