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Romanian spirit. A ‘poem’ about the passion for life.

The lands

Small but not as small as its neighbouring countries, wild but not too wild to be European, in awe to

Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer. Which one are you? (part 1- The Victim Role)



Relationships. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

We are all aware when something is not functioning right in our

Search for the Real beauty: “outer beauty is inner beauty made visible”


Toni Verdú Carbó via Compfight



Search for The Real Beauty: the nu project

“Beauty in every body”


How do common women look like underneath their clothes? Are they tanned

Search for The Real Beauty: Lizzie Velasquez


How many of us have been through severe weight loss diets or have insulted our own beauty by considering improving ourselves through

Search for the Real Beauty: Cameron Russel


We have been raised to believe beauty means power and a great life: the perfect job, money and the man of our

The burden of being perfect

It really looks like you have your whole life figured out. You finished university, got a good job, have a perfect boyfriend or husband