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Blaming, blamers and not taking responsibility


“Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. It has an inverse relationship with accountability. Accountability,

Movie recommendation: Whiplash


A student in the first year at an elite music school wants to become a famous jazz drummer, convinced he has the

Movie recommendation: Who owns Yoga?


If you practice any kind of Yoga or meditation, watching this movie will be a delight. You have the chance to see the

Inspiration for a healthy life: Origins 2014


Origins is a movie that reminds us of our roots, the way our ancestors lived and takes into discussion the way we

Movie recommendation: The tree of Life


This is a deep, intense movie that can make you blossom inside with joy and at the same time reopen old forgotten sores.

ADHD. What is this attention deficit hyperactivity disorder all about?



Does any of these sound familiar?

– Trouble keeping attention on one task

– Incapacity to listen

– Avoidance of  tasks

Cakes made with love: Oana Manea and the Cozottone project



There are people who radiate joy and love through everything  they do. Such a person is Oana Manea, a girl studying