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The reasons why you have already quit your resolutions for this year.



On my first day at work after the holiday vacation,  I walked into the office kitchen at lunch to discover  my

Building security through insecurities: The what I be project



Do you remember the last time you felt insecure? What was it like? What did you feel? Did you try to

What keeps people together in long-term relationships?


Making love, eating, speaking to the same person again and again and again, what is the substance that can glue two very

Reconnect with friends for a different kind of break

More than a year ago I found myself in a pleasant situation of changing places. Although it was kind of a surprise move,

Change your mind about stress

Xu Fangfang

We all feel the effect of these hectic times we live in:

Why are we so afraid to fail?


Failing, that shameful thing we wish didn’t exist. Who wants to be weak or to make a fool of himself in front

The Sweet Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)



 What is Loving Kindness? 

What is love? Love is just being. Love is patience, warmth, freedom, sweet strength. Take this and