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The most powerful feeling in the world…

“Fear is the static that prevents me from hearing myself” Samuel Butler


12 confessions of an Eastern European Girl


Dear West, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a lovely host. Thank you for your nice

The reasons why you have already quit your resolutions for this year.



On my first day at work after the holiday vacation,  I walked into the office kitchen at lunch to discover  my

What keeps people together in long-term relationships?


Making love, eating, speaking to the same person again and again and again, what is the substance that can glue two very

Christmas Market Fever

December starts today and the Christmas Market season has already started. One of the nicest things that winter has to offer is the

I live in magic

I believe in fairytales. I dream. I imagine.

Don’t be fooled by

9 reasons why Paris is really the greatest city in the world (in pictures)




1) because the French really do go for picnics in the park which almost always implies also a bottle of