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A few tips for sustainable shopping

Winter is coming – as all Game of Thrones fans know- and I find myself choosing the easy way out of grocery shopping. So

A new way of seeing things: The microalgae lamp

Since I have been praising this great century we live in, full of great discoveries and accelerated technological progress I wanted

How the moment became important


I have discovered and been practicing meditation for three years now. Thanks to the proliferation of information and following the right people

Friends in the Jetsons era


To say that friendship has changed a lot in our century is at least an understatement. Technology,

How does psychotherapy see you?

clouded rorschach test

Psychotherapy is good and should be encouraged. It’s useful for all of us to

Chocolate oat flake cookie

I love it when I feel like spending some time cooking, don’t know exactly what I have or want and I end up

Reconnect with friends for a different kind of break

More than a year ago I found myself in a pleasant situation of changing places. Although it was kind of a surprise move,