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Are you a Highly sensitive person?

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If you’ve clicked the link and you’re here, it means that you already know yourself enough and that you have always known to be more sensitive than other people. Well, this article is not about making you sad about being sooo sensitive but about understanding what sensitivity is, recognizing the qualities that come with being sensitive and how to best protect yourself when you feel so much.
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I want to introduce you to Elaine N. Aron‘s work about highly sensitive people and the results of her years of research. Her book “The highly sensitive person” changed my life. What I mean is that I’ve come to acknowledge and appreciate the many gifts of having a highly sensitive structure. Many others claim the same. An HSP (highly sensitive person) herself, Elaine Aron is a psychologist, university professor and psychotherapist. She has studied in-depth this trait and came to the conclusion that it is actually “a pack” containing advantages and disadvantages. According to her research, 20 % of the population of the planet are more or less highly sensitive people. ( 1 in 5 persons or 1.4 billion people)

If you want to find out whether you’re an HSP or not, click on the picture below to go to the test:


If you’ve found out that you are one of the many highly sensitive persons in the world, have  a look at the characteristics: the good, the bad and the ugly. 🙂


-have an innate depth of processing experiences (reflect more on things)

-experience overstimulation due to the depth of processing

-notice the details and subtleties

-experience feelings, emotions and sensations more deeply

-have a greater emotional reactivity

-have a greater empathy

-have a higher sensitivity to stimuli and thus again – overstimulation ( they get tired more quickly)

-are more prone to anxiety and depression

-are more affected by criticism

-don’t do well without sleep (in night shifts for example)

-have an extreme sensitivity to caffeine

-have artistic talents

There is something particular that HSPs have in a greater proportion than non-HSPs and that is the inner world and the inner work, according to Dr. Aron.

“As adults, HSPs tend to have just the right personalities for inner work and healing. Generally speaking, your keen intuition helps you uncover the most important hidden factors. You have greater access to your own unconscious and so a greater sense of others’ and how you were affected. You can develop a good sense of the process itself – when to push, when to back off. You have curiosity about inner life. Above all, you have integrity. You remain committed to the process of individuation no matter how difficult it is to face certain moments, certain wounds, certain facts.” Elaine N. Aron


I invite you to watch the trailer of the movie Dr Elaine has made with her team as an addition to her book. You will find here Alanis Morisete who confesses she is an HSP as well. 🙂 Isn’t that ironic?

SENSITIVE TRAILER from Sensitive on Vimeo.

The biggest revelation I had when I read this book was: “OMG, I’m not the only one!” And then I realized so many wonderful gifts come with the quality of being sensitive: INTUITION, attention, depth, feelings, sensations, empathy, honesty, poetry, music, drawing….all of which make experiencing life so  tasty. And so what if I don’t have the same endurance as others for night shifts or have anxiety whenever a major change comes up…if not having these would mean losing depth and poetry then my vote still goes to sensitivity. 🙂

So, if anything that’s written here touched your sensitive heart, then you might be an HSP. In this case, I totally recommend you read this book too and just let it be digested by your sensitive deep mind. 🙂







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  1. Kitty says:

    Really sensitively put, dear Diana!
    You are a talented writer and make your point thoroughly and with great insight.

    • Diana Guta says:

      Haha. Thank you, my dear! It’s the passion that arises with a sensational helpful topic such as this one!

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