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Inspiration for your soul: Oprah

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“Every single thing that happens in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.”Oprah

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Oprah Winfrey is best known for her TV show „The Oprah Winfrey Show” aired in the US. She hosted the show for more than 25 years then she founded her own network, called literally OWN. Apart from being a talented media presenter she runs a magazine, co-wrote several books and acted in many movies. But, what is most important is that she is one of the public spiritual people, who have the courage to speak about God, healing, meditation and taboos on TV. Actually, she started this trend.

“You cannot survive in this world by yourself. Just by believing in yourself. You’re not big enough to do it. I’m not big enough to do it. Nobody is big enough to do it.” Oprah

I find her presence very powerful, her words inspiring and her warmth so friendly. So I wanted so share with you one of her talks on … life. Here she is, down, below:

“Your immediate goal is to figure out what your purpose is. Cause otherwise you’re just wandering around here.” Oprah






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