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Movie recommendation: Whiplash

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A student in the first year at an elite music school wants to become a famous jazz drummer, convinced he has the talent. He meets a very demanding and dominator teacher who is never satisfied with his performance. He starts „whipping” himself so that he would become good enough for his teacher. But the man is not impressed by his improvements and he psychologically abuses the student.

What the young director, Damien Chazelle, proposes us to ponder upon in his movie “Whiplash”  is:

Is high performance a natural product of talented people, or is there, at the core of it, an unhealed wound that makes people want to demonstrate they are worthy of love and approval?

This is a very brief review of  Whiplash and I just want to mention to you the main ideas of the movie:
– When we believe we are average, we feel incomplete;
– The absence of one parent leads more often than not to a deficiency of love, which makes people strive to fill this hole with professional recognition;
– Perfectionism hurts. This is “whipping”!
– Sometimes we accept being persecuted, we enroll in the mad dynamic of victim-persecutor because we believe we need some people’s approval;
Dominators  build their power by humiliating others;


Have a look at the trailer and see it in the cinema! But, I have to warn you: it is tough! The name of the movie speaks for itself.

If you’re interested to see other movies on perfectionism & the obsession of success, watch The Black Swan, by Darren Aronofsky.

If you’d like to know more about dominators and other roles people play, read “5 wounds that hinder us from enjoying ourselves.” . or, Lise Bourbeau’s complete book “Heal your wounds and find your true self”.

Also, The Theory of The Drama Triangle might bring you some light.

And, find your way out of approval seeking by reading “I need your love. Is that true?” by Byron Katie.







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