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Awakening to gratitude

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The moment we admit our life depends more on the will of God than on our ability to control or strategically arrange things, we start to become grateful. We start to see the – once hidden – hands of God behind every situation, behind every encounter, behind every word that someone mentions.

In my experience, gratefulness occurs when the heart opens. The more open the heart is, the more grateful we feel.


So, awakening to gratitude is really awakening to the presence of God, or The Universe, or Reality, whatever you like to call it.




In the absence of gratitude the mind is a thriving field for:

– dissatisfaction of life
– negative thoughts
– lack of confidence in life
– confusion about the purpose of life & doubt
– terror of the uncertainty
– compulsive need to control
– scarcity
– depression
– lack of love & human relationships

Whereas, in the presence of gratitude there is a blossoming field for:

– contentment
– positive thoughts
– trust in life
– joy
– peace
– clarity
– abundance
– connection with God
– surrender in the hands of God
– presence of love & human relationships


If you have a hard time recognizing the gifts of life or have a lamentation pattern, I propose you try this gratitude exercise:

1. Write down one of the biggest dissatisfactions that popped up in your mind in the last month.

2. Then write 1. , 2. 3. and fill each line with an example of how this “dissatisfying situation” is actually a positive, satisfying situation and what benefits you got from it.

3. Then contemplate each example. Stay with each one.

4. Express your gratefulness for each benefit you got from that situation.


This exercise is so powerful that it can train the mind to see the gifts in everything. And thus, to have a positive mind. This is a part of Byron Katie’s technique The Work, a deeply transformative tool.

It’s not that life does not give us what we want. Life gives us exactly what we need to be happy. Just that, sometimes, because of the confusion, we see the gifts as curses.


If you want to start a Gratitude program,

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