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Discover gratefulness with Brother David Steindl Rast

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We often hear about gratefulness and how we can enjoy life more by just being grateful. But not many of us know how to access that state of gratefulness. Brother David Steindl Rast has dedicated his life to spirituality and grateful living and today we can benefit from his teachings and sharings.

 Brother David Steindl Rast is a Catholic Benedictine Monk yet he is well known for his support of the interfaith dialogue. He was born and raised in Austria, but became a monk in The USA, studied Zen teachings (among others) and wrote many books on spirituality: “Gratefulness, the heart of prayer” , “The Music of silence”, “Belonging to The Universe” and many more.  He is also the initiator of The Gratefulness movement that helps spread the awareness and importance of gratefulness in our daily (spiritual) life.


I first “encountered” Brother David on TED with his brief presentation on gratefulness, “Want to be happy? Be gratefull.”  and then, Youtube continued to recommend me his warm wise talks. Thank you, Youtube!

Listen to Brother David talk about how we can be happy (and in harmony with life, connected with the Source) by simply starting to  appreciate each and every single day, each and every single moment. Not only his words are inspiring, but his voice is so warm that it makes your heart open.

„You think this is just another day in your life? It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that it’s given to you today. It’s given to you. It’s a gift. And the only appropiate response is gratefulness.” Brother David Steindl Rast 

“The practice of gratefulness moves people in four directions.  In our personal lives, it has an inward aspect, restoring courage; and an outward aspect, inspiring generosity.  In our social lives, it can be focused one-to-one, reconciling relationships, or it can be focused further afield:  as an instrument for healing our Earth through reverence for nature, intergenerational respect, interfaith dialogue, and awareness of opportunities to serve.  These four directions add up to a commitment to live in the light of all we’ve been given.  That means living fearlessly and therefore non-violently.” Gratefulness.org 








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