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Cakes made with love: Oana Manea and the Cozottone project

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There are people who radiate joy and love through everything  they do. Such a person is Oana Manea, a girl studying Therapy through Art, at a distance based faculty in Vienna, Austria. She worked as an art director and also freelance fotographer. She lives in Bucharest, Romania, the city of the gray, yet her universe is completely colored and alive. One of her projects ( she has many many) is Cozottone, cakes with love. Not only do her cakes look amazingly creative, cut out from another world, but they are also healthy, made with safe ingredients.


Lotus Pocus Focus: Oana, tell us a few words about yourself.

Oana Manea: I am a happy person and I try to share my wellbeing with other people through the projects I make.

I am so happy when I see so many good projects and think that if each one of us shared a little part of his/her light, we would live in a better world than it is today.


LPF: How did you get the idea for this project?

Oana Manea: One year ago I started looking for the perfect recipe and asked my friends to taste my cookies. Their feedbacks were positive, even though now I know the recipes I used in those days were not so good.


This story with home cooking really came out of a need. Because everything you find in supermarkets nowadays is full of preservatives, artificial coloring agents, taste enhancers which also create addiction.

If you want to be healthy you have to make your own food or to have safe sources. And so, I kept on cooking and baking until one day, my friends told me to make these cookies for others too, because there are people who don’t have the time, mood, or talent but who enjoy eating healthy and tasty and also looking at a beautiful cake.



LPF: What is the Cozottone secret?

Oana Manea: The secret behind the Cozottone cakes is the love for people, love in every form and also…magic.




LPF: What is your favorite Cozottone?

Oana Manea: I like cakes in all combinations because otherwise I wouldn’t take them out to the world.

LPF: Thank you, Oana!

Oana Manea: I thank you and have a wonderful day!




Photos: https://www.facebook.com/cozottone



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