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Spring detox: the OSHAWA diet

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It’s springtime and it’s a great moment to have an annual detox. I’ve learned this technique in a meditation center, kept it 2 times and enjoyed great results. I have to tell you it’s not easy, but with a bit of determination you can do it.



What is this diet about?

The Oshawa diet was invented by George Oshawa, as part of his Macrobiotic diet. His work was mainly about balancing the YIN and YANG energy in the body (and whole being) through food. His most efficient and renowned diet is DIET NO. 7.  This consists of eating YANG cereals (wholegrain wheat, wholegrain rice, buckwheat, millet, oats and barley) for 10 days. They can be cooked in various dishes, but the only ingredients that are accepted in are water and salt.

During the diet it is recommended that one drinks 2 litres of water/day or basil tea, which is also considered a detoxifying plant.

This is not  merely a diet, but a detox program for the mind and soul also. I would rather call it fasting or…meditation.

Here are the benefits: 

– great digestion and clearing of the intestines

– radiant skin

– clear mind

– peace of mind

– sparkling eyes

– weight loss

– better sleep

– increase of energy

– disclipline of mind and eating habits


Some Oshawa dishes: 

Boiled wheat, rice and buckwheat

Little breads made of wheat and rice

Rice soup with wheat balls


The diet is not about abstaining from eating. Thus, one should eat as much as he needs in order to feel satiated.



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