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12 confessions of an Eastern European Girl

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Dear West, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a lovely host. Thank you for your nice manners and for the tidy, polished surroundings. Thank you for the art and culture and thank you for a salary that actually covers all my life expenses.

I realized that I might sometimes seem just plain ungrateful, I  want to assure you that I am not. I am just a product of a different reality. This is why I want to let you in on one or two things about myself:

delicatese1) Regarding the “profiling neurosis” that I keep hearing of, yes indeed, I plead guilty! I totally have it! I do want to grow and I want to grow big… but so do all the other beings on this earth from plants to humans.

2) I do actually believe that all my wildest dreams can come true. After all, I have been to f..ing DISNEYLAND…twice!

3) In contrast to children of western parents, I do believe that I  can outdo the accomplishments of my parents and this is what I also intend to do. Not so much because I want to prove them something, but because I want to know that, if ever necessary, I can take care of them.

4) I strongly believe women managers can wear thongs and still be fairly competent at what they are doing.

5) I myself think that women can have a good job, be intelligent, poshed-up, good housewives and excellent mothers, all at the same time. Actually we, Easterners, know this to be possible… because this is exactly how our mothers are.

6) By the way, I do genuinely love my mother and yes, any husband of mine will get to see a lot of her.

7) Curiously enough, although it is an outdated, society-imposed, nonsense tradition, I still fancied getting married and looking freaking stunning in the freaking dress.

8) I will let you know now that I am going to compulsively travel or spend everything I earn on things that might seem trivial to you.

9) I am grateful I could not have everything I wanted as a child and there are still things out there that get me extremely excited over nothing (like being able to go to as many concerts of my favorite childhood band as possible or just travel every other month like a mad person).

10) I have to shamefully admit that I do not find sleeping in hostels together with 12 other people in the room charming. Shockingly enough, I do want to live in nice places and it seems I am not the least bored by comfort.

11) What to you might seem like a “status symbol”, for me is my own little reality that I carefully built around myself to be able to cope with the not so tidy and polished surroundings outside of it.

….and last but not least:

12) I truly believe change to be a good and not a bad thing.  If you look at it, my life until now has been a continuous row of positive changes and I intend to keep it that way.

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