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Movie recommendation: The wall

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The plot:

A woman goes to the mountains for a vacation. Little does she know that she will stay there for much more time. Taking a walk outside she discoveres a glass wall that prevents her from going anywhere. She finds herself sealed inside of a huge glass globe. Alone. From here on she must find ways to live and aquire everything that’s necessary for a living: food, company and … spiritual food.


The details:

The movie’s original name is “Die Wand” (the wall in German) and is based upon an Austrian novel. The main and only character is played by Martina Gedeck, a very famous Austrian actress.

The lessons:

1. We only stay with ourselves and look inside when life forces us to do so.

2. Being alone is not loneliness. Loneliness is a state of mind. Being alone is taking time to know yourself and to find company in everything around.

3. Nature is the greatest teacher and healer.

4. Everything we need we can provide for ourselves.

5. Inside everyone of us there’s a strong being.

6. Animals are a faithful and loving company.

7. A quiet mind is the first step to ourselves.

8. Work in nature connects us with the cycles of the Earth.

9. City life may be comfortable but it hinders us from connecting with the Earth, animals and …. ourselves.

10. Butter & potatoes are so yammy!

Die Wand

Although they have selected more the dark moments for this trailer, the movie shines with light too.  If you are passionate about self discovery, nature and new, you might enjoy this movie a lot! I know I did! 🙂 So here is the trailer, take a look and then see if you can find it in the cinemas. 🙂


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