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How Yoga transforms your body, starting from the first day.

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It may be cool but its first benefits are physical and spiritual. And chances are that when you discover these, you will forget about coolness. Because this is not merely a sport to keep you fit, but a practice to celebrate and get in touch with your being.

Yoga is the perfect technique to reach a great, strong body, a calm mind and an open heart. Once you step into a Yoga class, everything changes because you suddenly tap into balance, peace, harmony and self-love. For the first time you can really taste these things that were available for you before only as mental concepts. With practice, harmony becomes a natural state of being and living inside yourself starts to feel soooo goood!

Of course, Yoga is not just a series of postures (asanas) but a complex system created to make you feel great and grow as a being! So, a full yoga practice involves: asanas, breath and meditation.

Benefits of Yoga: 

Yoga keeps you fit, helps you release stress and tension and find inner peace, improves immunity, develops awareness, boosts energy and enables flexibility.

Choose your yoga style: 

There are numerous Yoga styles available for us in Europe, US and other parts of the world (that do not traditionally have a Yoga background) such as: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar YogaBikram Yoga etc..You can find more on Yoga styles here. Choose the one that suits you best and start practicing!

Read below about how Yoga can transform your body starting from the very first day: 


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