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Christmas Market Fever

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December starts today and the Christmas Market season has already started. One of the nicest things that winter has to offer is the pilgrimage through the little merrily decorated huts filled with knick-knacks, seasonal sweets and punch.

Central Europe is best known for the oldest and most heart full Christmas Markets in the world.

Vienna with its fairy tale Christmas Markets is fore sure a good destination for this time of the year.

Here are some glances into one of the most christmasy cities in Europe.


Schönbrunn’s fabulous Christmas Market tree


Gingerbread house at the City Hall Christmas Market




Christmas Decorations at the Schönbrunn Christmas Market



The decorations in the trees in front of the City Hall Christmas Market



Knick Knacks at the City Hall Christmas Market


Here you can find a list with all the Christmas Markets that Vienna has to offer, with exact location and opening schedules: http://www.wien.info/en/shopping-wining-dining/markets/christmas-markets

Enjoy the magic!

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