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Why it’s important to have a spiritual practice.

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written by Criss cel Verde 

In the search for peace, happiness, love and fulfillment many of us are following a certain spiritual practice. Could be different techniques, different methods, this religion, or that religion. Different approaches for different identities. For some meditation is good, for others religion is good, while others prefer sex as a practice. As you feel, as your capabilities are, so you will choose a practice witch fits your character well.

maatha.. pitha.. guru... theivam theivam

What is the purpose of a spiritual practice?

Any practice should help us to know ourselves, our nature and the nature of reality, of existence.

The purpose of any spiritual practice should be LIFE itself. We must use a practice as a tool to help us open towards life, to feel free to express ourselves and enjoy healthy relationships. And of course, in this process we will face our inner daemons, fears, attachments, limitation from our belief system…all that constrain ourselves to open towards Life, to allow Love pouring into our hearts and heal our physical and emotional body. So, our practice should help us overcome our limitations, to dissolve our attachments, to overcome our fears in order to express our true self, to heal our emotional wounds to be able to establish healthy, sincere human relationships and so to live a true and complete life.

For example from my personal experience I know that:
– meditation enhances my Presence, sharpens my attention and vigilance. It helps me recognize the nature of my mind and true self, it purifies my mind and body. It helps me be centred into the depts of the Being.
– by fastenings, I obtain a deeper physical and mental body cleansing. It is a very efficient method for me to go back to my true self, to gain clarity in perception.
– prayers and chanting help me develop clear and good intention and open my channels towards good energies of life.
– continent sex enhances my vital energy, opens my heart towards my partner, nurturing a deep and healthy connection which feeds both of us with high energies of Love.
– human relationships give me feedback about some issues in my character and give me the opportunity to grow, to learn how to rapport myself in the future in order to establish strong, sincere and healthy connections with others.

Practice diligently, but don’t allow your practice to grab you

In some cases we practice so hard, so dedicated that we make our practice a purpose and we forget about living.
When we get stuck into practice, we block our communication with Life.
Doesn’t matter what is our practice: meditation, religion, sex…if our intentions are not clear, strong and well defined… it’s very likely to waste our time, or even worse, falling into frustrations and confusion.
When the practice grabs us, or more precisely, when we get lost in practice, our meditation, prayer, or chants are meant to reach a purpose/a goal into the future, which of course will never come because future will always be…future. So we are missing the intimacy of the Present Moment.
Here and Now is the space where life unfolds all its wisdom and love, moment by moment.
An old Chinese Zen Master once said, “From birth to death it’s just like this!” …We always imagine that there’s got to be somewhere else better than where we are right now, the great ‘Somewhere Else’ we all carry around in our heads. We believe ‘Somewhere Else’ is out there for us if only we could find it. But there’s no somewhere else. Everything is right here.”

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