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Gravity: what doesn’t kill us makes us reborn

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It’s been a while since I was so moved by a movie. No, it wasn’t because of the 3D effects though they were impressive too. It was Ryan Stone’s journey and most important, inner journey that caught me.

Gravity is the story of a woman astronaut who loses all contact with her space ship, work mates and watch tower and sees herself alone in the darkness of  space trying to find  a way back home to  earth. During this time we find out some details about her life and about her inner dramas. At the beginning of the movie she seems half dead, without any reason to long for going back home. She lost her 4 year old daughter and through this she has probably lost part of herself as well. By the end of the movie, as she struggles to find a vehicle to return home, she slowly discovers reasons to live and to want to go back home. Her  journey is like a rebirth. To suggest this, the director has slipped in some discrete symbols here and there; this is the case in the picture below, where Ryan Stone sits in an embryo-like position. Through a metaphor, the end of the movie presents her almost like a “baby” coming out of  its “egg” and learning how to walk.

Gravity is not a SF movie, it’s a story placed between the borders of reality, however not inspired from reality.


Here are 6 things that I’ve learned from Gravity:

1. We only appreciate the little things in life when confronted with limit situations. We should appreciate every little detail and stop making imaginary problems.

2. We only appreciate people’s presence when we are alone. Usually, we take it for granted or forget about their magic.

3. A tough situation demands calmness and self-control.

4. Women are strong.

5. The greatest treasures we take with us are our qualities.

6. What doesn’t kill us makes us reborn.

This is not a movie review, but a recommendation to go and see it. And, if you like the movie, you’ll probably be interested in this also:

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.



photo: gq.com

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