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A new way of seeing things: The microalgae lamp

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Since I have been praising this great century we live in, full of great discoveries and accelerated technological progress I wanted to share with you one of these evidences.

A lamp that is lighted by micro-algae and lives on CO2 means a lot more than just a lamp. It could mean a new public lighting system and an efficient way of using the abundant CO2 that surround us.

foto: FCPS

French biochemist Pierre Calleja has designed an eco-friendly lamp that runs completely free of electricity. The power source is the photosynthesis process of the living green algae inside the lamp. And photosynthesis happens when the algae have CO2 around them to feed on. The lamp stores the energy it creates, so the lamp can be used inside in a dark spot too.


The lamp can use up to a ton of carbon in one year, which is the same power of 150 or 200 trees. It seems we just have to focus the masterminds on the big green problems and they design incredible things.


 foto: InHabitat

And micro algae have been tested for their illuminating properties since 2010, as we can see in this earlier version of a lamp for home use, The Latro Lamp, designed by Mike Thompson. So, it’s wonderful to see that studies from Yansei and Stanford universities and now Bordeaux. It seems like minds all over the world are connected by the same thoughts.

Pierre Calleja believes that microalgae can help in natural cosmetics, as an alternative fuel, or bio fuel and they can even be a sustainable source of Omega 3.

So, finding out about these discoveries really makes me feel like I am witnessing the bright future happen.

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