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Reconnect with friends for a different kind of break

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reconnect-with-friendsMore than a year ago I found myself in a pleasant situation of changing places. Although it was kind of a surprise move, that gave me more nature near and the opportunity to live in a house as opposed to a flat, I did stumble upon a great problem I hadn’t fully considered: losing contact with my friends.

We are all the time connected through social media and permanent online exposure, we feel we keep in contact with more people than ever, but we actually don’t. There are studies that show that actually the more connected you are online the more you avoid real life contact. So you are actually less connected.

So, when vacation time came around, I was really glad that I had planned one just with the girls. And reconnecting with the friends I left behind was the best vacation ever.

I discovered we have all grown, that we are more aware of what we want in life. Relationships are ever complicated, but knowing what is important to you and learning how to express it with confidence is the best skill that you can acquire in life.

And friends remind you of it all. The good times and the bad, the past times and what will be. I found it reconnected me with a self that I had left behind in my old city without knowing it.

This illuminating thought that re-connecting with the people you are connected is not a new one for me or for you. But sometimes we let words slip by us, nodding to their truth and leaving our actions speak other truths that we don’t realize.

So this is just a reminder and a pledge for a different kind of break. Stop chatting and speaking on the phone, take your friends out for a cup of hot cocoa and let the real connection do the rest.

Next time you plan a little vacation, whether a weekend in the mountains or your time off, consider re-connecting with old friends. You might be surprised of the treasures you discover.

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