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Some courage you learn at the movies

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The Story

I saw a movie this weekend. It was one of those movies that makes you want to change something in your life. The movie is called Rush and it tells the stories of Formula 1 champions, Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Because I live in Austria I am very familiar to Niki Lauda, more as an entertaining figure that anything else. I have always been surprised how he managed to get back to the public life and, even more, have a lot of success in his business and in his personal life after he has been partially disfigured by a F1 crash in 1976. Nevertheless the movie gave me a little more insight into how things happened back then and why is such a recovery and a comeback miraculous.

40 days after suffering serious face burn that left him disfigured for life and severe lungs burns that almost killed him, Niki Lauda chooses to return right away to the race, making an immediate come-back and managing to still finish on the second place for the F1 World Championship of 1976.




The most impressive thing about this, is that this person continued to approach life with the same determination and courage from  after a tragedy that usually would destroy someone else’s life. He went on to become a F1 world champion for two more times before retiring and also built up two successful airline companies. After that he remained a well known charismatic public figure with a successful private life.

Ok, so you will say, good for him but where is my point? Why did this make me what to change my life?


Well, it made me think of all the irrational fears that I let control my life on a daily basis….


-of the Sundays when I fear everything that could go wrong the next day at work;

-of the terror I go through when I am trying to learn a new sport;

-the nervousness that I feel when I have to talk to an unknown person;

-the stage-fright that I get when I have to present a project to a small group of people;

-of how smitten with fear I feel sometimes when I know I have to make that „ one phone call“…

Maybe this is only me, but I tend to believe this not to be true… We all have different fears but for sure we all have fears that we let take over

Yes, fear is normal, but way too many times I let myself get paralyzed by it and I also know this is the main cause that prevents me from doing and achieving great things.


If we can conquer fear we can conquer anything!


This is the idea that I left with from the movie and that I will try to remind myself of at least some time from now on…

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