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Chocolate oat flake cookie

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I love it when I feel like spending some time cooking, don’t know exactly what I have or want and I end up with a great result. It doesn’t happen very often, but I do love it when it does.

This oat flakes cookie recipe is something cooked with a friend, both of us coming up with a solution to save some oat flakes. It’s a good way of saving fruit that is not so fresh and to spice up that oatmeal. I do love eating oat flakes in the morning, but sometimes I get tired of them.


So all you need is:

300g oat flakes

300 ml milk (it works with water just as well)

1 apple

1 peach (or the fruit of your choice or need)

Orange zest

200g cooking chocolate

How to make it:

Sprinkle the oat flakes in a glass baking tray. Put the diced fruits on top. Sprinkle another layer of oat flakes but don’t cover the fruits entirely. Sprinkle generously grated orange zest on top. Pour the milk evenly on the mix.


Chop the chocolate into smaller pieces and put it through a food processor to get it finely chopped. Sprinkle chocolate on top of everything. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes, or until the chocolate melts and the oat flakes are a little golden.

Let it cool and cut it into little bars. You can pack them to work, eat them as breakfast or just a grainy dessert.



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