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The Sweet Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)

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 What is Loving Kindness? 

What is love? Love is just being. Love is patience, warmth, freedom, sweet strength. Take this and add on top of it Giving and you’ll find what Loving Kindness is. LK or Metta, as the Buddhists call it, means giving from the heart. Lovingly praying and wishing for your or another one’s health, sanity, love etc…

Once you start doing this meditation everything changes. The feeling of love starts growing inside like a tree. But of course, you’ll have to feed it daily, like you’d water a tree. You begin to feel more empathetic and compassionate with people in your life. You become warm and gently strong.


 What are the benefits of this meditation? 

The first person who benefits from this kind of meditation is you. When you practice this meditation you feel:

– joy

– love

– ease

– peace of mind

– protection and security

– balance and harmony

– a warm strength

– empathy

– compassion

– have a deep sleep

And…you look beautiful!

Instructions to Loving Kindness

Basically, the idea of Loving Kindness is to send love to yourself or to other people or beings (animals, too, yes!). The formula is:”May I be happy” or “May I be healthy and safe from illness.” or “May my friend receive wisdom.”, “May my mother receive joy.”. However, repeating all these sentences will not take you to kindly love. You have to feel the wish inside of you, inside of your heart.

Does it have any result? Yes. Lots of. There is no state of anger, fear, anxiety, sorrow or lament that cannot be erased by lovingly send Metta to yourself. It raises, nourishes and strenghtens one in a gentle manner. This is what it does for people. I am thankful for having such a curios mind, for otherwise, I wouldn’t have found Metta.

If you want to know more about Metta, go to Dhammasukha’s official page, where Bhante Vimalaramsi, a Buddhist monk teaches Loving Kindness Meditation in retreats and also in online retreats! If you’re really interested you can attend one of those retreats and learn how to meditate with Metta for your happiness and that of people around you.

Here is Bhante giving a short guidance on the Metta Meditation:


May you find and enjoy the path of The Loving Kindness! Love.

photo: andylal.blogspot.lal 

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