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The Power of Smiling – Part 1

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Smiling can bring a positive state of mind, peace, success, love and even happiness. Ron Gutman, CEO and founder of HealthTap , studied smiling and its hidden power on human health and among the studies he came across he found these amazing results:

  • in a school year book, students who smiled in the pictures turned out to be more successful and have more lasting marriages than those who were more serious.
  • smiling predicts longevity
  • we are born smiling. Babies smile even in the womb.


Smile is a natural reaction to express joy and satisfaction. It is healthy and makes us happy. In fact, the most happiest people on Earth seem to be children, who smile 400 times a day. Their smile is contagious so if grown ups live with children they will smile more, too.

Gutman says that according to studies, faking or simulating a smile can induce the emotion of joy. A single smile can stimulate the brain to produce joy that we would otherwise get from 2,000 chocolates.

Also, smiling can make us look more beautiful and – at work – more competent.


Source: TED 


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