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Sexual fantasies can improve your sex life :D

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Let’s talk about sex!


According to scientific studies sex keeps you healthier, younger and smarter and I’d add also probably also a lot happier. Still, not everyone is getting enough of it, is talking enough about it or even thinks enough about it. Especially women are the ones that do not approach this topic out of shame, comfort, laziness or just due the daily worries that take over a busy woman’s mind.

Travis Kraft and Katrina Halili Photo by: Travis Kraft and Katrina Halili

Sexual female fantasies as the “Big Taboo”


Women’s sexual fantasies have been ignored even in research over the past 50 years, says The New York Times, and that only recently , one study conducted by Dr. Donald Symons, a specialist in evolutionary psychology at the University of California in Santa Barbara, found that women’s sexual fantasies, in contrast to men’s, emphasized „touching, the partner’s feelings, the woman’s physical and emotional responses to what was going on, and the mood and ambience of the encounter.“  

So women do have fantasies after all??

End even more it has been proven that women and men appetite for sex is increased  in both cases by  unstructured fantasies created by their own imagination in contrary to ready-made stories like erotic books ( a.k.a Fifty Shades of Gray variations) (fox2now.com). So why not cultivate this? Why not get in contact, save or  even recover your sexuality. Discover what you like. You’d be amazed how many women do not even consider to think about this.

Too busy & too ‘good’ for sex


You might think you are too busy, too tired, too serious , too much of a mother, of a daughter or an employee to let your imagination loose but blocking this side of you  is affecting you more negatively than positively in your relationships, love experiences, health and well-being.

Try making this exercise in order to get in the mood and revitalize your sex life: let your imagination run free for 5 minutes every other day. See where it takes you. Start trying to know what you want, get it, live it and share it. To be a woman means as well to be a sexual being and being one for sure has more advantages than disadvantages.

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