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Green your beauty routine: Just add water

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I have really sensitive skin, prone to dryness. And judging by the abundance of sensitive skin type products on the market I guess it is an increasing phenomenon.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to be dry, you can have oily skin and still get really irritated if you are being too aggressive to it. Basically if it gets red easily, if you can leave marks on it or if you get flaky skin, you might have sensitive skin.

Until a year ago I rigorously followed a sensitive skincare regimen, with micellar lotion, make up remover, toner and moisturizer. It was nice, but only the few hours after applying it. So, not wanting to spend a lot of money useless, and trying to get back to nature more, I searched for some homemade tricks that can get better results for my skin.


Just add water

I already mentioned the Green Tea toner, which has a lot of variations. Recently I discovered what was missing from my skincare treatment. It’s as simple as water.

I tried using foamy cleansers to wash my face and remove the makeup and impurities gathered during the day. Because I used tap water, my skin got flakier by the minute.  So I stopped washing my face altogether. Bigger mistake: the buildup was so strong that I trapped my pores, blocking them. Sure I had fewer wrinkles thanks to the moisturizing products that I was using, but a lot of hidden problems came with them too.

So, the secret is, to wash your face with bottled mineral water also called sparkling or carbonated water after you remove the make up with your preferred product. It might seem counter-intuitive, because you are just washing away that expensive product you just put on your skin, but it’s actually not. That’s how all makeup removers should be used actually. If you use micellar lotion, you can damp your skin with mineral water first and then use it to remove that nasty mascara. It’s not gonna be pretty, so kick your boyfriend out of the bathroom when doing this. Or take some artsy ‘crying’ pictures of yourself!

Bottom line is, all the product on the market will never replace water for your skincare treatment. You can use thermal water if you wanna go fancy, but I chose simple bottled mineral water, the cheaper and eco-friendlier version. You only buy one product and one plastic packaging. I drink the rest of the bottle and keep some in a sterilized spray dispenser for my skin.

The benefits of minerals

Sparkling water has the benefits of having some of the mineral our body needs naturally integrated like copper, zinc, selenium, potassium, sodium, silica and magnesium.

Silica is one of the best minerals for our skin. Mineral water with high silica content can strengthen the connective cells between collagen and elastin fibers, helping plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are a lot luxury spas that only use mineral water when cleaning the skin.

It helps the skin deal with toxins, and can help reduce acne and breakouts, the most important benefit I was searching for. Silica can also help boost the firmness of your skin and the elasticity of blood vessels. This can help slow the aging process. It won’t do wonders, you still have to lock in that water with a moisturizing product. Just remember to be gentle, let the water evaporate on itself or pat dry with a special towel, before applying the moisturizer.

So, are you tempted to add this simple trick to your beauty routine?

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