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Why aren’t you in a relationship yet?

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The answer is probably not the one that you are expecting to hear. If you clicked on the title for some excellent tricks on how to get someone to fall for you, then you will probably be disappointed:

The advice is to make a fool of yourself!

To be the first who puts his heart on a silver platter. The first who takes the chance to embarrass yourself by letting the other one know exactly how you feel about them. The first who chooses to  blindly invests in the other one without any guarantees whatsoever.

Many will disagree and say that this is the sure way to get your heart broken… and I will go ahead and say this might as well be true. But this is also the only way to actually get together and stay together with someone that you love or at least really, really like.

The cases where the person of your dreams comes running after you and begging for your attention while you sit and enjoy the show from your balcony are extremely rare.

In most  cases there are women who settle for what they get and are flattered by the courtship and the attention that a man decides to give them. This is fine too but it is  for sure not ‘grandiose’.

I am not saying you should scare every man away with proposing marriage on the first date.  I am saying, you should give the best you have and expect very little in return.

Act now 

Put the effort: dress up, cook and serve him dinner, give him a massage, be a sex bomb, listen and admire him,  surprise him… just go ahead and put your heart into it! Trust me, love, as well as enthusiasm, is contagious!

I challenge you to try it!  Money back guaranteed 🙂


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