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Search for real beauty: clumsy Hilda

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The internet has rediscovered funny Hilda, a different pin-up girl that was almost lost to time.

Most pin-up girls from the golden era were, like the models of today, representations of the ‘perfect body’. No need to mention that a picture of a perfect body makes all women that see it, wonder if they too look the same, if they fit this pattern of desire. Because apparently all women are wired this way, even if reason seems to prevail these days, that instinct still flinches inside.

While the ‘50s is a ‘picture perfect’ era, full of optimism for the future, it’s also the time when anything that wasn’t ‘perfect’ was vulgar and indecent. I exaggerate, but it is a refreshing sight to see healthy cheerful Hilda, so different from her contemporary images.

Clumsy yet lovable

She has a carefree attitude about her body, enjoys being feminine, is very curious about what surrounds her, a little clumsy and overall is very lovable. Its creator Duane Bryers liked putting her in funny situations for the Hilda calendar, to show off her charming roundness in all the right places.

She doesn’t know it, but she is also a manifesto for feeling good in your body, whatever your size. And we need female heroes like this, now more than ever, when we have promoted size 0 as the model for beauty in our society.

Hilda proves that different is always beautiful. You can browse more of her adventures at JoilGirls or her Facebook page.


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